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Emre Guvercin, MD Questions

Answered on 15 November 2018
Answer: Hello, you need to stay in the hospital for a night after nose aesthetics. Please contact us for det... See Answer
Answered on 26 June 2018
Answer: Hi, I can't comment exactly because you don't have a photo but it can be taken with liposuction acco... See Answer
Answered on 09 October 2018
Answer: Hello, For detailed information and free inspection appointment, please contact us at 0 507 2339847. See Answer
Answered on 31 December 2018
Answer: No change of voice, but it may be useful for food to come from the nose. See Answer
Answered on 14 June 2019
Answer: Hello, all interventions to the nose appearance (whether or not bone fracture) are covered by the ae... See Answer
Answered on 18 July 2019
Answer: Hello, it would be more appropriate to talk to your doctor about your surgery See Answer
Answered on 22 July 2019
Answer: Hello, of course possible, can be evaluated and given more healthy information during the examinatio... See Answer
Answered on 23 July 2019
Answer: Hello, there is no cure for eyeball disorders See Answer