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Cem Altindag, MD Questions

Answered on 10 April 2019
Answer: Hello. Very high likelihood (after aesthetic nose surgery); You can work on the 4th, 5th or 6th day.... See Answer
Answered on 27 March 2019
Answer: Good afternoon, Mr. Atakan. Altindag, me. After seeing the inner and outer structure of the nose, th... See Answer
Answered on 29 April 2019
Answer: Hello there. Get well soon. Has your doctor recommended any swelling or bruises? Can I learn these?... See Answer
Answered on 29 April 2019
Answer: Hello there. Can you please send your pictures to 0532 3220609? (40 cm. Full front and sides (2) and... See Answer
Answered on 29 April 2019
Answer: Hello there. Old and new; Can you send face-front and both sides-pictures to 0532 3220609 (with what... See Answer
[email protected]
Answered on 22 July 2019
Answer: Good day, Mr. Halit. Only interference to the tip of the nose can be performed. However, what kind o... See Answer
Answered on 25 July 2019
Answer: Have a nice day. Firstly, get well soon. It is not usual for you to stay in the hospital for 2 days... See Answer
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Answered on 24 July 2019
Answer: Hi Halit Bey, It is not possible to get up permanently. Not good. It is ideal to perform other works... See Answer