Caghan Baytekin, MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Konak / Izmir
22 Years of Experience
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Caghan Baytekin, MD Questions

Answered on 06 February 2019
Answer: Damla lady, Normally the tracks are symmetrical, but if the existing eye structure shows the assimil... See Answer
Answered on 06 February 2019
Answer: Elena lady, Plasma energy or plexr using the upper eyelid can be performed for minimal sagging. Ther... See Answer
Answered on 26 February 2020
Answer: Tugay Bey You may only have nose tip aesthetics (type rhinoplasty). Yours truly See Answer
Answered on 27 February 2020
Answer: Burak bey There are different surgeries depending on the size of the breast and the amount of oil in... See Answer
Answered on 29 February 2020
Answer: Mrs. Zeynep, I do not recommend the light filling to you. My preference will be laser lower eyelid s... See Answer