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Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Muratpaşa / Antalya
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Berat Cigdem, MD Questions

Answered on 05 August 2020
Answer: Hello, if you have breast augmentation with new generation light implants, sagging will be less than... See Answer
Answered on 21 July 2020
Answer: Hello, your blood tests are done before the surgery. Whether it prevents surgery or not is decided a... See Answer
Answered on 23 May 2020
Answer: Hello, we do surgery in cases where botox is not sufficient, you can consult us with your photos and... See Answer
Answered on 07 May 2020
Answer: Hello, first of all, your body mass index must be suitable for surgery. Liposuction surgery is a bod... See Answer
Answered on 28 April 2020
Answer: Hello, for a clear answer, an examination is required first. According to the examination results, b... See Answer
Answered on 10 April 2020
Answer: Hello, it does not harm the milk glands. We do not have contact with the milk ducts during the opera... See Answer
Answered on 28 September 2020
Answer: Hello ... We have more than one choice for the treatment method of low eyebrow. The important thing... See Answer
Answered on 10 December 2020
Answer: Hello; During the pandemic process, we make you have a covid test before surgery. If your result is... See Answer