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Sevgi Ekiyor, MD

Medical Aesthetician
Şişli / İstanbul
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Harbiye Mahallesi, Teşvikiye Caddesi No:37 Karaosmanoğlu Apt. 1. Kat

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Who is Sevgi Ekiyor, MD?

First of all ,as a physician ,I believe that every field of Medicine is an art that requires diagnosis, treatment, protection, improvement and lifestyle. Before diagnosis, the person's Dynamics, such as genetic factors, daily life habits, nutrition, mobility, product using, sleep patterns, emotional factors, such as the person's dependent factors, should be well known that the patient's policy should be followed.
 In order to heal, beautify, to gain general health status, we call the individual as a person-specific healthy life management in general, to make recommendations and to make therapeutic or protective treatments specific to the individual by medical sufficiency in terms of internal and external factors. This perception ,which is formed as individual Medicine in international platforms, is based on the originality of the individual by expanding the perception of routine medicine in the rapidly developing art of Medicine which increases the medical achievements of our age.
 I graduated from Uludag University School of Medicine in 2011 and completed my mandatory service as an emergency physician in Bursa and then worked as an emergency coordinator in private hospitals in Istanbul and as a quality director.
 Starting my medical aesthetic medicine adventure in 2015 and last August 2018, (a total of 2.5 years) by working very intensive and enjoyable to advance on Maya aesthetic, I made my decision to set off with my own name, domestic education and Congresses I have acquired in the face-volume-body rejuvenation, skin and to solve appearance problems, golden ratio applications, antiaging(aging) applications, healthy slimming, body; I present my very favorite reputation in my own clinic that I have adopted by means of perfect and empathetic ways in order to add to your patients the uniqueness, naturality, goodness, beauty, by making skin injections with various drugs and products, taking advantage of various devices and rapidly developing new technologies, products and International Studies.
 My motto for doing this job is;  Let's smile, make people smile…


2005 - Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School

She studied medicine at Uludağ Faculty of Medicine between 2005-2011.
She completed his compulsory service at Çekirge State Hospital in Bursa in 2011-2013.

She served in private hospitals in Istanbul as Emergency Coordinator and Quality Director.

Later, she served his patients in the field of medical aesthetics at Maya Estetik.
She attended various domestic and international congresses.


5 Review
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