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Answered on 19 September 2019
Answer: There are medical and surgical treatment options for hair loss, but firstly, we would like to have a... See Answer
Answered on 19 November 2019
Answer: When planning hair transplantation surgery, planning your next decade, calculating the hair loss are... See Answer
Rose Lightning
Answered on 17 September 2019
Answer: the first day in my application I close the donor area with a wound closure bactigras 2.day dressing... See Answer
Answered on 03 December 2019
Answer: This is a very common skin disease that causes redness and flaking. Seborrheic dermatitis is associa... See Answer
Answered on 12 December 2019
Answer: As far as I can see, you have a very limited harvesting area and you can create a harvest graft from... See Answer
Answered on 15 January 2020
Answer: you have manic depressive disorder and hypo thyroid, you need to do a series of tests from blood lit... See Answer
Answered on 29 April 2020
Answer: It is not suitable contains high doses of caffeine so I recommend more simple and soothing shampoos... See Answer
Answered on 08 May 2020
Answer: Hello, it is possible that the trauma during the hair transplantation can bring the hair into the ta... See Answer