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Muhammet Ozgehan, MD

Saç Ekimi
Çankaya / Ankara
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Çayyolu, Ankara Saç Ekimi (Tripaesthetic), İlko Konut Sitesi, 2800. Sokak, No: 6 Yenimahalle/Ankara, Türkiye

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Who is Muhammet Ozgehan, MD?

Medical doctor working in the field of hair, hair loss, hair diseases and hair transplantation surgery since 2002 has served at Dışkapı EAH and Haccettepe University.

He served as General Secretary of Hacetepe University and General Manager of Hacettepe Technopolis.

In 2014, he founded tripaesthetic brand from 40 countries; More than 10000 patients made hair transplantation surgery ircad france (Strasbourg University) robotic surgery training. He has published numerous articles and poster presentations.


Strasbourg University (France) - Robotic surgery
Since 2014, he has been serving under the brand name Tripaesthetic, which he founded. Before that;
  • Dışkapı Training and Research Hospital (Chief Physician)
  • Hacettepe University (General Secretariat)
  • Hacettepe Teknokent (General Manager) took charge.
He has many articles and presentations on hair transplantation and hair health.
2014- International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
2012- Surgical System Off-Site Training Program for a Patient- Side Assistant
2011- Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons


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Hi I have started to shed my hair for the last 1 year how to solve?

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Is there a solution to avoid baldness of hair areas that are not sown?

Hello hair transplantation method with Fue we make the bald area with hair,...

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