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What are Dermal Fillers?
 Filling is an application that is used to treat sagging and deformations on the skin for various reasons or areas whose appearance is not satisfied. It provides very effective results easily without undergoing a serious operation such as surgery. It is a medical procedure that increases its popularity every day in terms of being a remedy for the lines that become apparent due to the advancing age, the loss of elasticity of the skin and similar reasons.
 Today, there are many areas where the filling process is applied on the body. The most common of these are the face and chest circles. In our guide, you can find the most preferred dermal fillers and learn about what you wonder.

Everything You Need To Know About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillersn prices; It varies according to the doctor performing the procedure, the hospital or clinic, the filling material used and the size of the material. The most important of these variables is which filling application or applications will be performed.

 Based on the following applications, an average price of 1.500 TL to 15.000 TL from the smallest transaction to the largest can be mentioned.
In order to avoid wrong dermal fillers and unsuccessful results, doctors who are experts in their fields and experienced in filling should be preferred.
Filling is one of the most common applications in the field called medical aesthetics. There are many filling products because it is applied to a wide variety of areas, is an easy-to-apply process and is frequently preferred. These; It is divided into 3 as non-permanent, semi-permanent and permanent.

  • Non-Permanent Fillers

 There are "Hyaluronic Acid" origin fillers among the non-permanent ones and this substance is extremely natural since it is already in the human body. It is widely used because it does not cause an allergic reaction. Their permanence varies between 6 and 18 months. Some of the brands included in this group are as follows; Teosyal, Restylane, Varioderm, Surgiderm, Juvaderm, Perlane and Puragen.

  • Semi-Permanent Fillers

 As the name suggests, their permanence rates are slightly higher and they show an effect on the applied area for an average of 3 to 5 years. The mechanism of action of each substance is different and these fillings are generally preferred for areas such as cheeks, naolabial lines, buttocks and breasts. Different brands also have semi-permanent filling materials for other facial areas. Among the most common semi-permanent fillings; Examples include Radiesse, Aquafilling and Aqualift.

  • Permanent Fillers

 These fillers are used for patients who prefer the procedure to be lifelong, if there is no harm in terms of health conditions. Some are tested for allergens, while others do not. The reason why they are completely permanent is that the content of these filling materials cannot be enzymeed by the human body. Bioalcamid and Artecoll are the most common examples.
Nasal filling is the process of removing the unwanted appearance in the nose area without surgery. It is often preferred by those who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose aesthetically or who have deformations in their nose due to an accident.
 The area of effect of nasal filling is not as large as in surgery, and generally smaller diameter changes are provided. However, small medical filling procedures in the nose, which is at the focal point of the face, are very effective in changing the face.
 As a result of this application, the following can be achieved;

  •  The arched appearance on the nose disappears. Filler is applied to the upper and lower parts of the belt to make the nose smoother.
  •  Nasal collapses are corrected. A voluminous appearance is provided by applying filling to the sunken parts.
  •  Nasal curvatures are eliminated. Congenital or acquired curved and deformed parts are made flatter with the required amount of filling material. The nose gets a symmetrical appearance.
  •  The tip of the nose is lifted. Thanks to the filler applied, the tip is positioned above the arch and thus the nose becomes more prominent.

 Women and men who do not have a functional defect in their nose, who do not want to undergo surgery, who are over the age of 18, can have this application. It should be applied by specialist doctors in a clinical / polyclinic environment. Just like other dermal filling applications, it is an almost risk-free procedure and is completed in approximately 10-15 minutes. The difference between before and after is visible right after the procedure.
 The permanence of nasal filling is not high and lasts for an average of 8 to 24 months. If you are satisfied with the procedure and want to be repeated, this retention time is prolonged after each filling application.
Nasal Filling Prices
 Prices vary according to the demands of the patient, the specialist doctor and the material to be used. A budget between approximately 1,500 TL and 6,000 TL will be sufficient.
It is a common medical filling procedure suitable for people with congenital thin lips or sagging lips due to age. As a result of this application, fuller lips are easily obtained and the asymmetrical appearance, if any, is corrected.
 Lip filling can be applied to both lips of the patient as well as only the lower or only the upper lip. An experienced specialist should be consulted to ensure that the main structure of the lip will not deteriorate and that it will suit the proportions of the face. The size of the filler to be used is also very important and it should be injected equally to the sides in order not to break the symmetry.

 Both temporary and permanent filling materials can be used for lips, but permanent ones have the risk of damaging the natural structure of the lips, forming lumps and hardness inside. If temporary filling is preferred, the life of the procedure is approximately 6 months because unlike other areas on the face, the lip is much more active. The result will be more satisfactory if fillers of quality brands produced just for lips are used.

 Lip filling is a painless procedure applied within 15 to 30 minutes and it is sufficient to provide regional numbness with local anesthesia. Filling is injected into the determined areas with the help of a fine-tipped needle. Make-up material and food should not be eaten in the first few hours after the application. Although it does not have serious side effects, the needle sites may be sore and small swelling may be seen in the first week.

Lip Filler Prices

Prices range from 1,000 TL to 2,000 on average. The brand and quantity of the selected material, the doctor and the province applied have a great effect on determining the price.

Eyebrow filling is a procedure applied to eliminate the line between the nose and forehead. It is similar to other medical filling applications. Among the reasons for the need for this filling; Permanent frowning, aging, genetic codes, dry and dry skin structure.

The examination should be done correctly before deciding on the application. If the line between the eyebrows disappears when the patient is not making facial expressions, the botox procedure will be sufficient instead of dermal fillers. If these lines or lines are visible even when the patient is not making facial expressions or even sleeping, the best choice will be filler between eyebrows.

The procedure should be performed by a specialist doctor in a clinical setting and quality filling materials within the knowledge of the patient should be used. Cream is preferred to numb the area between the eyebrows and a filling is applied to the designated area with a fine-tipped needle. The procedure time is very short and is easily completed in about 10 minutes without pain.

After the application, the patient can return to his daily life. Pits and lines in the area are almost eliminated within a week, so the effect begins to be seen in a short time. However, since it is one of the temporary procedures, the effect of the filling is usually between 9 and 18 months. If satisfied, it can be repeated after 1 year depending on the patient's condition.

Brow Filler Prices

Prices are determined according to the size of the lines and pits, the specialist doctor and the material to be used. A budget of approximately 1,500 lira will be sufficient for the transaction.
Jawline filling, or jawline filling, as it is commonly used, is one of the most frequently used medical aesthetic procedures today. Contrary to other applications, chin line filling is a procedure preferred by men and women with similar intensity. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and has no health concerns can have this procedure.

In general, the jawline enables the contour of the region to be defined by applying filler around the jaw and to give the person sharper lines. It is a good solution for those who are not satisfied with the jaw structure that is congenital or formed as a result of a blow.

 Possible defects that can be corrected by Jawline filling;

  •  The lack of volume of the chin and its being in the background compared to the face,
  •  Uncertain jaw line and small chin,
  •  Asymmetrical chin view,
  •  Tick and sagging under the chin,
  •  It can be exemplified as having a dimple on the chin.

Jawline filling should be done by an experienced specialist in a clinical setting. Because of its anatomical structure, important nerves and vessels pass through the region. In order for the process to be successful, quality filling material suitable for the region should be used. Allergy test is performed with various filling materials approximately 1 month before the application. The filling that best suits the patient's skin and structure is determined in this way.

In the content of the filler used for jawline; There are substances such as hyaluronic acid, fat cells, calcium, bovine collagen. The used fat cells may be fat cells obtained from the patient in order to be healthier.

This filling is applied to the area between the two mandibular bone extensions extending from the tip of the jaw to the front of the ear. Contrary to popular belief, jawline filling is not applied to the bones in the jaw. In line with the patient's wishes, a jawline appearance that the doctor deems appropriate is planned. Afterwards, filling is injected with cannulae in the necessary places in the lower part of the skin.

The duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes and local anesthesia will be sufficient as in other dermal filling applications. It is a painless procedure and the effects of the filling become visible in a short time. Thanks to this procedure, the patient can easily have a clearer, symmetrical and attractive jaw structure.

Jawline Filler Prices

Prices are between 1.000 TL and 2.500 TL on average. However, the price may vary depending on the specialist doctor, the application to be applied, how many tubes will be used and the type of filling.
Under-eye light filling is a medical procedure that treats the desired appearance in the parts below the eye. Thanks to this process, which is frequently preferred among face filling applications; Grooves, pits, bruises, depressions, bags and similar situations between the cheeks and under the eyes are eliminated.

These disturbances in appearance can occur due to congenital and genetic reasons or due to aging. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic in the body decreases, the skin wears out, sagging occurs and elasticity disappears over time. One of the easiest solutions for this situation is under-eye light filling. As long as it is performed by an experienced and specialist doctor in a clinic or hospital environment, the result will be extremely successful.

Unlike other fillers, the under-eye filling is applied under the membrane surrounding the bone, not under the skin. For this reason, the light filling is injected very slowly and carefully with the help of the cannula. It is a painless procedure since local anesthesia is applied and is completed in about half an hour.

Since the under-eyes are sensitive areas, extreme attention should be paid to the selection of fillers, and high quality and suitable fillers should be preferred. In the filling to be applied; Skin moisturizers such as glycine and lysine, zinc and copper minerals, vitamin B6, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and arganin are used.

Since the under-eye light filling is a semi-cross-linked filling, it spreads around the applied area and thus a more holistic and better appearance is obtained. After this procedure, the skin in the under-eye area is rejuvenated, looks more vibrant and bright, bruises are greatly reduced, circles, wrinkles and bags disappear.

These results of under-eye light filling begin to appear after 1 week. Side effects are almost nonexistent and only a little swelling and redness may occur in the first days. The condition of the region is examined by going to the doctor's control within the last 2 weeks after the procedure. If necessary and if the doctor deems appropriate, a total of 3 sessions can be done with 3-week intervals. However, depending on the condition of the skin under the eyes, the desired result can be obtained with a single session. The results of the procedure last between 1 and 1.5 years.

Under Eye Light Filling Prices

Prices are between 1.250 TL and 2.250 TL on average. Price determinants include items such as the patient's condition, the preferred specialist doctor, the brand and quantity of the filling material used.

Nasolabial filling application provides the treatment of the deep line that corresponds to the middle of the face and extends from the nose to the mouth. It is a medical filling application that can be preferred by anyone over the age of 18 and without any health problems. In general, it is similar to other dermal fillers, but it also has some unique differences.

The nasolabial area is one of the areas most prone to sagging on the face. Especially with the advancement of age, the genetics owned and the intensity of the mimics used affect the formation of the line. It can be found in almost everyone, albeit in small amounts, but its increase over time causes discomfort to people. Moreover, the depth of this line causes people to look older, tired and unhappy expressions. The line, which is also seen when standing without a mimic, becomes more pronounced when smiling.

Thanks to the dermal Fillers, it is easy to get rid of this appearance. The only thing to do is to find an experienced specialist who has performed this application before and start the treatment.

In this non-surgical treatment, unlike other dermal fillers, the process is a little longer. Because the size of the filler to be applied to the area is large and the application of all of them at once can lead to possible problems. It should be done in sessions for the most natural and healthiest results. The number of sessions to be performed is decided depending on the size of the patient's nasolabial area. The area is followed up by examining at intervals determined by the doctor.

As in every dermal filling application, fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used in nasolabial fillers. It is essential to use quality filling materials approved by the Ministry of Health. The filling is slowly injected with fine-tipped cannulae into the area starting from the wings of the nose and descending along the line to the rim. It is sufficient to numb the area with local anesthesia and it is not a painful procedure.

 Those who have nasolabial filling obtain the following as a result of the procedure;

  •  A younger and more vibrant appearance.
  •  More tight and wrinkle-free skin.
  •  A more happy facial expression.

Nasolabial Filler Prices

Prices are determined specifically for the patient, according to the specialist doctor who will perform the procedure, the material used and the session duration.
Hand rejuvenation filling is a medical procedure applied to eliminate the vascular and rough appearance that occurs due to the advancement of age.

No matter how much individuals pay attention to their body and health, the appearance of their hands can damage the youthful image they provide. After a certain age, as the sub-tissue of the skin begins to decrease, it becomes thinner and the vessels owned begin to become apparent. It is also accompanied by the formation of stains and spots. An easy and effective solution to this situation is a successful filling application.

With the hand rejuvenation filling, the subcutaneous tissue is renewed and the quality of the skin, which is worn and thinned over time, is increased. The filler used in hand rejuvenation treatment contains many substances, especially hyaluronic acid, as in other dermal fillers. Thanks to the filling injected under the skin with fine needles, wrinkles are eliminated while providing fullness. For the success of the result, it is extremely important that the material used is suitable for the patient and the quality filling is selected.

Hand rejuvenation filling can be applied painlessly under local anesthesia in a clinical setting. Depending on the patient's condition, the procedure is completed within an average of 30 minutes. Anyone who wishes, regardless of whether they are men or women, and who is in good health, can have this application. It is not a long-lasting application, but it maintains its filling function for about 1-2 years. If satisfied, it can be applied again when the effect of the first filling is over.

Stains and spots can also be intervened to complement the youthful appearance of the hand. This process can be done easily thanks to methods called chemical peeling or abrasion. Among other hand rejuvenation methods; There are options such as moisturizing the skin, PRP applications and oil injections. If a doctor who is an expert in the field and experienced in hand rejuvenation is preferred, it is inevitable to determine and apply the most appropriate treatments to the patient.

Hand Rejuvenation Prices

The prices of the application, especially the choice of province and doctor; It is determined according to the filling material, the amount and the skin condition of the patient. If spot and spot treatment will also be applied, the price will increase.
Non-surgical breast augmentation is a medical dermal fillers that is widely preferred by people who want to enlarge their breasts without surgical intervention. It is often referred to as "aquafilling" and "Los Deline" and this is because it is the only filling material approved by the Ministry of Health for the breast.

Aquafilling is simply a hydrophilic gel. It consists of synthetic linear polyamide and is frequently used in breast augmentation. Another option is to process the fat taken from the patient himself into filling material. Since both are natural fillings, they are not permanent. However, since the absorption of the fat taken from the patient takes place earlier, the duration of action is 2 years on average, while this period for aquafilling is 5 to 8 years. Moreover, the process can be repeated if requested after its effect decreases.

 The reasons why non-surgical breast augmentation is preferred are as follows;

  •  Avoiding surgery and therefore incision scars.
  •  Having breasts 1 or 2 sizes larger.
  •  To correct the slight sagging that occurs with age.
  •  To have a more voluminous and fuller breast appearance.
  •  Having symmetrical looking and equal sized breasts.

People who have such requests should prefer a doctor who is expert in the field and experienced in aquafilling. Non-surgical breast augmentation is performed in a clinical setting and during the application, only the breasts of the patient are anesthetized with local anesthesia. Afterwards, the doctor injects the filling material to the areas determined by fine-tipped needles or cannulas. It is a procedure that takes about 1 hour and is not painful. The patient can go home on the same day and continue his social life.

Immediately after the application, a certain amount of growth and shaping is noticed, but the final result appears within 1 week. Possible swelling and redness in the places where the needles enter, again pass in the first week. It is useful to wear a tight bra at first, but heavy sports activities should also be avoided. In addition, since it does not affect the milk glands, it does not cause any problems during the breastfeeding period after pregnancy.

Aquafilling Filler Prices in Breast Augmentation

Prices generally vary between 4,000 TL and 10,000 TL. In determining this fee; The amount of filler to be used, the specialist doctor to apply and the province to be applied will also have a great effect.

“Pectus Excavatum”, which is popularly known as shoemaker chest, is a kind of chest wall deformity. Although rare, this deformity, which is generally seen in men, can also be encountered in women. Since the bone where the ribs join is turned inwards, unlike normal, it causes a visible depression in the chest area. Genetic factors are effective in its formation and can be in small or large sizes.

If the amount of collapse in the person is not very serious, there is no functional problem and there is no pressure on the organs inside, it can be resolved without surgery. The collapse is alleviated by injecting the fat tissue between the skin and the sternum in that area of the patient. In the meantime, aquafilling filler can be used again, and if the doctor deems it necessary, a few sessions can be applied at certain intervals. For the best results, an experienced specialist should be studied.
One of the medical filling procedures used in Aquafilling is butt enlargement without surgery. Thanks to the Ministry of Health approved aquafilling, also known as Los Deline, it is a method preferred by people who want to change their butt appearance. Apart from polyamide filler, it is also possible to make it by oil injection.

Non-surgical butt enlargement procedures should be performed in a clinic / hospital environment by a specialist doctor experienced in the field. Doctor's recommendations are essential on criteria to be determined according to the patient's wishes, body size and health status.

If people prefer fat injection, the fat tissues taken from them are used after certain processes and concentrated. The application time of this process is between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. This filling usually takes effect for 2-3 years and then the fat is absorbed and excreted by the body.

If polyamide filling material is preferred, the duration of the process is between 30 and 60 minutes and is also performed under local anesthesia. The aquafilling filling is injected into the determined places in the butt through thin cannulae or needles. It is harmless because it is a water-based gel that can be absorbed in accordance with human nature. The retention period is longer than the oil injection, it shows its effect between 5 and 8 years on average.

Advantages of non-surgical butt enlargement;
  •  It does not require surgical operation.
  •  There are no incision scars and no pain is felt.
  •  The process is easy, risk-free and fast.
  •  Immediately return to daily social life.

The difference begins to be noticeable immediately after the hip filler injection is applied, but the final result occurs after the first week. The new look of the butt is natural and the results are highly satisfactory. After this application, patients do not experience any disruption in their daily routines, but they should avoid heavy sports for the first time. It is also beneficial to use a corset for an average of 1 month as the doctor deems appropriate.

 The reasons why non-surgical butt enlargement can be preferred;
  •  Widening the narrow view of the hip,
  •  To make small butts more full and voluminous,
  •  Correct the asymmetrical appearance on the butt and equalize as much as possible,
  •  It can be exemplified as removing the deformations from previous hip augmentation surgery.

Non-Surgical Hip Augmentation Prices

The prices of the application range from 7.000 TL to 15.000 TL. The price will be determined depending on whether the process is aquafilling filling or oil filling. Again, variables such as the selection of the specialist doctor, the city and the hospital also affect the price.

  •  Such applications are almost always performed under local anesthesia and are painless.
  •  Although the processing times vary depending on the size of the applied area, they are quite short.
  •  In most of them, social life and work can be returned to the same day.
  •  Except for possible small swelling and edema, it has no side effects and the rate of allergic reactions is very low.
  •  Non-permanent ones should optionally be repeated every 1-2 years.
  •  It should be done by specialist doctors in a clinical setting.
Whether it is the face or other parts of the body, it is possible to easily get rid of any unwanted appearance thanks to medical dermal fillers. Aging effects, various deformations, blemishes, depressions and similar problems that may occur in the skin are relieved painlessly. It is extremely easy to dare, as it does not require surgery. It is harmless because it uses natural ingredients. If the patient wishes, these fillings can be removed from his body in a short time thanks to a small procedure.

One of the biggest contributions of the dermal fillers is the increase in self-confidence. Thanks to the correction of a feature that is uncomfortable in their appearance, people become more self-confident about their bodies and therefore happier.

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