What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is a skin problem that is seen in the thighs, buttocks, buttocks and abdomen of the body and causes a lumpy-hollow appearance on the skin surface. 90% of women are affected by cellulite problem. The cellulite skin layer becomes more pronounced with excessive weight gain, so although most people think that cellulite is caused by weight gain, the problem is related to the skin, in other words, weight gain does not cause cellulite formation, it causes it to occur. Cellulite can also be seen in people with ideal weight, even very thin.
Skin; It consists of fat, muscle and connective tissue layers. There is a layer of adipose tissue just below the skin. Depending on the genetic characteristics, hormonal changes, circulatory disorder and general health status, proliferation can be observed in this adipose tissue layer. Excessive growth in fat cells causes the formation of bands called fibrous bands between fat cells. These bands between fat cells cause irregular division of fat cells and thus a dimpled, bumpy, rough appearance on the skin surface, that is, cellulite formation.

Everything You Need To Know About Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment prices with mesotherapy vary depending on the area to be applied, the number of sessions, the procedure or procedures to be performed, the doctor and the clinic where the treatment will be performed. While mesotherapy and cellulite treatment prices are planned at an average price range of 150-350 TL per session, some clinics can also make package treatment pricing.
Cellulite treatments come with multiple options. There are also surgical methods, cosmetic and medical ones… Each method; The degree of cellulite is planned according to the underlying causes and needs, and the results obtained differ depending on these criteria.

Cellulite treatments; It is based on the principle of breaking down the fibrous bands formed between fat cells and trying to reduce the number of proliferated fat cells.

Radio Frequency Cellulite Treatment
By heating the skin with radiofrequency waves, intracellular diffusion is increased so that the locally stored fat tissue is broken down and excreted through the lymphatic channel. The process allows the existing fat cells to shrink and decrease in the cellulite area. It is done in a clinical setting.

Duration: The process time varies depending on the region needed. Approximately 20 minutes to 60 minutes
Number of Sessions: A total of 8-10 sessions are recommended every 2-4 weeks.
Cellulite Treatment with Lipolysis
Lipolysis application is carried out by injecting the PPC substance into the middle layer of the cellulite area with the help of 10-13 mm needles. PPC material is a special mixture that will destroy fibrous bands and reduce adipose tissue, increasing the permeability of fat cells and breaking them down. The broken fat tissue is destroyed by the liver and excreted by the body's natural lymphatic system.
Number of Sessions: It is planned as 1 session per week, at least 6 sessions. In the treatment of more advanced cellulite, the session time can be extended up to 11-12 weeks.
Cellulite Treatment with Carboxytherapy
Carboxytherapy is applied by giving carbon dioxide (Co2) gas to the cellulite area, the body sends plenty of oxygen to the same area to remove carbon dioxide. Thus, the fat burning feature of oxygen comes into play and a natural renewal takes place.

Session Duration: Each session is completed within an average of 30-45 minutes.
Number of Sessions: The number of sessions varies from person to person. It is planned in an average of 15 - 20 sessions. It is planned to be 2-3 days between each session.
Cellulite Treatment with Mesotherapy

Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy is performed by injecting drugs that accelerate the microcirculation in the body and provide connective tissue repair to the problematic area by microinjection method. With the mesotherapy method planned in proportions and amounts that will provide personalized treatment, fat burning in the region is accelerated, the cellulite area is corrected and a tighter and healthier skin is obtained at the end of the treatment. Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy is considered one of the best results in cellulite treatments and is one of the most widely used methods in our country.
Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy is planned with session times in the range of 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the application area. The desired result is obtained in 8-10 sessions, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 days between each session.
Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy is a method that can be performed in a clinical setting. The person can return to normal life activities on the same day.

Copper; Selenium; Hyaluronic acid; Vitamin A; Vitamin C; Zinc; Amino acids; Lidocaine; Vitamin B; It is made by injecting serum prepared with alpha lipoic acid to the "meso" region (1-6 cm below the skin) via micro needles. Before the application, anesthetic creams can be used to provide regional numbness so that the person does not feel pain in the needle insertions.
Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy usually includes a comfortable process and there are not too many side effects or special conditions that need attention. The most important thing about the treatment is not taking any kind of medication that will trigger and increase the bleeding, and not do physical activity before and after the session. For this reason, it is important to stop taking blood thinners and foods at least 2 days before the session before "cellulite treatment with mesotherapy". Since water should not come into contact with the relevant area for 24 hours after the application, it is recommended to take a shower beforehand.
After cellulite treatment with mesotherapy, the person can immediately return to his daily life. Redness, mild bruising and swelling may be observed at the needle entry points on the same day following the treatment and during the next few days. This is a natural condition and usually resolves within a few days. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case of prolongation.

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