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What is Botox?
 When the collagen production of the body starts to decrease and the skin begins to lose its elasticity in advanced age, lines called mimic and anxiety lines are formed especially in the forehead area, between the eyebrows, on the upper part of the nose, and the lines called crow's feet are deepened around the eyes.

 Botox treatment is the name of the microinjection method that occurs by temporarily blocking the mimic muscles of the nerve endings connected to the muscles that are effective in the formation of these lines. After the procedure, the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin surface are reduced and the formation of new wrinkles is delayed. When it is also supported with eyebrow lifting, it makes a significant difference on the face.

 Botox gets its name from the Botox brand. DYsports and Botox brands that have received FDA approval should be preferred in Botox procedures.

Everything You Need To Know About Botox

The price of the botox application, the area or regions where the application will be performed, the depth of the wrinkles, the brand of the product to be used in the procedure, the doctor who will perform the procedure varies from the clinic to the clinic.

Botox prices in the face region of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya are applied at an average price range of 800 TL to 2000 TL. This fee includes areas such as eyes, eye contour, forehead, eyebrow and lip contour.

The prices of therapeutic botox applications are charged differently than the aesthetic applications. For example, botox application to block a dystonia problem such as a jaw tightening problem is made at prices starting from 1,500 TL.

Baby botox is a very popular type of botox in recent years and is a suitable application for those who want to achieve more natural results. It is applied to certain areas of the face in very small doses without affecting the facial expression. Thus, facial expressions are seen naturally and wrinkles disappear at the same time.
Botox is applied within an average of 15-30 minutes in the clinical environment after examining the muscle and nerve structure of the person. Before the procedure, your skin is cleaned and a local anesthetic cream is applied to provide regional numbness.

It is expected for the cream to take effect for an average of 15 minutes, during which time your doctor prepares the botox serum. Botox in powder form is saline, dissolved in salt water and a syringe is prepared. After the numbness, botox substance is injected to the required points by microinjection method.
Especially if you are in your mid-20s and early 30s and you are worried about wrinkles that may occur later, Botox is a suitable application for you. With the preference of Botox application in this early period, the formation of age-related fine lines and wrinkles can also be delayed.

Those who want to have Botox generally hesitate about their age. Botox can be applied to healthy people between the ages of 18 and 65.

You can ask a question about the application age on the Yeniben Question & Answer page . Assoc. Dr. Süleyman Taş responds as follows: “There is no age restriction for Botox application. The application can be made as long as you do not have a disability.

Botox can be done by anyone who needs shaping the thin lip structure, opening the wrinkles on the lips, reducing the lip edge lines, reducing the lines formed around the eyes, forehead and on the nose. In addition, botox is a suitable application for the treatment of tics, sweating treatment, and the treatment of people with jaw and tooth clenching problems.
Botox application must be done by a specialist doctor. Before the application, the doctor; will determine the most appropriate dose for the person according to the skin structure, the condition of the lines and the area where it is located. The dose to be administered varies from person to person.

In order to avoid bruising and swelling after the application, the intake of aspirin or aspirin derivative blood thinners should be discontinued before the botox drug is applied, and foods with blood thinning effects should not be consumed.

Medicines containing vitamins also have blood thinners, and their use should be suspended for a while before and after.
  • Botox is considered the gold standard for removing wrinkles caused by muscle movement.

  • Treatments are fast, practical and painless. In some cases, the injections take as little as five minutes.

  • After the Botox application, the results begin to be seen within about 1 week.

  • Contrary to popular belief, you do not have a dull and expressionless face when you have botox. It is possible to provide a natural appearance with the applied dose and the right region selection. Especially with the technique called "Baby Botox", the effect is lower and the naturalness is preserved by injecting in less dosage.

  • As a result of regular botox application, the areas that tend to form wrinkles or lines will be deprived of muscle movements, and the formation of aging marks is delayed in the long term. For this reason, Botox is an application that Yeniben users leave positive comments in terms of long-term satisfaction.

  • Results obtained from Botox treatment are not permanent. Its effect is on average 4-6 months.

  • Treatments are fast, practical and painless. In some cases, the injections take as little as five minutes.

  • Sometimes bruising may occur at the injection site and may last up to a week. The use of unlicensed and unapproved products increases the risk of medical emergency.

  • Botox application is not suitable for you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or thinking of getting pregnant soon.
After botox, redness and swelling can be seen at the injection points. This is a normal side effect. In order to reduce the duration of this effect, to minimize possible bleeding and edema;

  • First day; Avoid bending forward and doing heavy exercises.
  • In the first 2 days, applications such as washing the face, applying make-up, skin cleaning should not be done, the area should be kept dry and away from moisture.
  • Lying position after Botox is very important. You should not sleep for 4 hours following the application, especially in the first 3 days, the head area should be raised with double pillows during the applied botox effect, and the sleeping position should be adopted on the back, and should not sleep in sleeping positions where the face will be squeezed and wrinkled
  • A waiting period of 1 week is recommended for cosmetic procedures such as skin care, eyebrow removal and hair coloring after botox.
  • The pool is one of the places with the highest risk of infection. You should not enter the pool for the first 3 days after botox, and avoid areas such as baths and saunas that will come into contact with steam and heat,
  • The area where botox is applied should be protected from sunlight. For this reason, the face area should be protected with sunscreen immediately after the application, including when leaving the clinic,
  • It creates the risk of edema and bleeding, it is important not to drink alcohol before and after botox application.
As an alternative to botox, it is available in some cosmetic products that are readily available in the market and whose duration is limited to 24 hours. Although Botox-effective creams satisfy the person with the desired aesthetic results during the day, their duration of effect is limited. While the botox application is considered to be sufficient twice in a year, it is necessary to use botox creams continuously. It is a cosmetic product, it is chemical based.

Botox cream appears as an alternative choice for people who are concerned about the results of the (botox needle) injector and application. They are creams enriched with amino acids and vitamins that support the building blocks of the skin.
  • Horizontal and deep lines in the forehead area,
  • Lines between two eyebrows that give a frown expression,
  • Lines, wrinkles around the eyes
  • Lines on the lower eyelid,
  • Horizontal lines close to the root of the nose,
  • Upper and lower lip vertical lines,
  • Raising the eyebrows
  • Lifting the lip edges
  • Lifting the tip of the nose,
  • Treatment of horizontal and vertical lines in the neck area,
Botox can be preferred in the treatment of areas with aesthetic concern such as. In addition, botox is a preferred method in the treatment of disorders such as strabismus, migraine, sweating, involuntary muscle contractions (dystonia), dry eye or watery eyes.

Botox and filler applications are methods that work differently from each other. Although the common goal of both is to get rid of wrinkles, there are important differences in the way they function.

Yeniben users, who are not sure about which application they should have done, frequently ask this question to Yeniben doctors.
Botox; It works on wrinkles caused by facial movements or expressions in areas of influence. In filling applications; The skin layer is filled by injecting the filler under the skin in the areas where it is needed.

Thus, the problematic appearance is softened by adding temporary volume to the areas with wrinkles, sagging and similar problems. Filling application does not limit any muscle movement. Depending on the content of the preferred filler, the duration of action is between 8-12 months.
It is a treatment method performed by blocking the cholinergic nerves that cause sweating in the relevant area of people who suffer from excessive sweating in areas such as palms, armpits and soles.

Sweating treatment with Botox; It is performed by injecting 100-150 units of botox in total to 10-15 points in the relevant area after the iodine-starch test is performed in the area where sweating is observed. The duration of the treatment is 6 months on average, and the treatment is repeated at the end of the period.
People who have more than 3 migraine attacks in a month and who do not respond to treatment with painkillers can be treated with Botox.

In the treatment of migraine with Botox, the muscles that cause migraine attacks are blocked and excessive contraction of the muscles that cause pain is prevented. Treatment; It is done by injecting botox into 31 points in 7 different forehead areas. The duration of the treatment is 6-8 months. At the end of the period, the treatment is repeated.

Our specialist physicians answered in detail a question asked on the Yeniben Question & Answer page about the use of botox application in migraine treatment.
Botox injection is not only used for aesthetic purposes. As a method of vaginismus treatment, botox injections applied to the vaginal muscles in a single session and under anesthesia in the clinic relax these muscles completely.

As a result, there are no involuntary contractions during sexual intercourse. According to the studies; Vaginismus does not recur during sexual intercourse even after the effect of botox wears off.
In addition to aesthetic surgery applications, "Botulinum Toxin" substance is injected to a certain area of the stomach by the endoscopy method to reduce the amount of food consumed by the person. Thanks to this non-surgical procedure, the person eats less due to the feeling of satiety.

Masseter muscle is a facial muscle that connects your lower jaw to your cheek. This muscle, one of the few muscles responsible for chewing, often grows, becomes prominent, and can significantly change the shape of the lower face in patients who grind or squeeze their teeth.

 Masseter Botox injection is an application that helps relax the masseter muscle. It helps the jaw line to soften, the chewing muscle to lose its prominence and can make the face appear oval or heart-shaped. Botox injections are one of the most affordable ways to reduce the size of your masseter muscles and regain your proper facial proportions.

 Dysport or botox injections are used for massseter muscle growth. Normal jaw movement usually does not cause masseter muscle growth. But when you exercise your muscles, they grow larger and the masseter muscles can appear more of the same. The most common behaviors that contribute to an enlarged masseter muscle are clenching and grinding your teeth. You can perform this behavior, also called bruxism, under stress or even while sleeping. Since these behaviors are carried out without realizing it, masseter botox injections relax the masseter muscle and help prevent this repeated behavior.

 With this application, which helps to relax the masseter muscle by limiting its movement, the pressure exerted by the chewing muscles on the jaw line is also reduced and the desired appearance is obtained. You can still chew, move your jaw and make normal facial expressions after your treatment. The healing process is comfortable, you can immediately switch to your social life.

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