What is Beard Transplant?
In recent years, bushy bearded men have become popular all over the world. With the rising beard trend, beard transplantation has also come to the fore and has become a procedure preferred by men. This application technique is a surgical procedure that is the same as hair transplantation. It varies from person to person, but beard and mustache transplantation can also be planned together.

It is an effective and permanent application with satisfactory results for men who experience hair loss in the beard area for various reasons. It is a procedure that requires meticulousness that should be done by experienced surgeons, and the choice of surgeon is of great importance to ensure a natural appearance in the hair follicle.

Everything You Need To Know About Beard Transplantation

The most important factor determining the price of beard transplantation is the technique to be used. Generally, in beard transplantation procedures where FUE technique is applied, the fee is determined depending on the number of roots.

Pricing is made for each root in the process, and the average root price can be considered as 4-6 TL in Izmir, 5-8 TL in Ankara and 7-10 TL in Istanbul. However, details such as the doctor who will apply the procedure, the district where the clinic is located and the district also affect the price. The average price for full beard transplantation in metropolitan cities is 10,000 TL.
Beard transplantation can be applied to people who are over the age of 18 and have the following situations:

  • Sparse or less beard and mustache due to genetic reasons
  • Who lost their beard and mustache completely or partially as a side effect of a treatment
  • Hair loss after wounds and burns
  • Local hair loss due to stress
  • Being male by changing the gender
Two techniques called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) are used in beard transplantation. These are the methods that are also used in hair transplantation, and today the FUE technique is preferred more frequently due to the advantages it provides.
In the FUE technique, after the surgeon's detailed hair analysis, the head region with the most suitable hair follicles for the beard structure is selected and the root bundles, called grafts, are collected from the selected area with the appropriate technique according to the need and prepared for the transplantation process.

In the area to be transplanted, tiny channels are opened with the help of special needles and the collected hair follicles are placed in their places in appropriate directions through these channels. It is very important that this procedure, which requires a lot of care, should be performed by a surgeon experienced in beard transplantation in order to prevent complaints that may arise after the procedure. In the FUT technique, which has started to lose its popularity now, the roots are not removed one by one, but the scalp is cut and transferred as a strip. This method has begun to leave its place to the FUE technique due to reasons such as higher risk of complications during and after the operation and the longer and more problematic healing process.
When beard transplantation is preferred to eliminate partial loss in certain areas, the number of roots to be used and the number of roots to be used in full beard transplantation differ. In addition, a higher number of roots can be used depending on the beard density desired by the patient. On average, the number of roots needed for the beard area is as follows:

Favorite: 200-250 roots
Whiskers: 300-500 roots
Jaw: 600-750 root
Cheek: 300-700 roots
  • After a detailed beard and mustache analysis, the number of hair follicles that will provide the desired level of hair growth is determined and the areas to be transplanted are marked.
  • Local anesthesia with conscious sedation is applied to the patient.
  • The donor area (usually the nape or temples, but the root can be transferred from other suitable parts of the body with the FUE method) is selected and the selected area is shaved.
  • The required number of grafts are collected from the donor area and kept alive until the transplantation process.
  • In the area to be transplanted, tiny channels are opened and roots are placed in accordance with the direction and tone of the beard.

The duration of beard transplantation varies between 2-6 hours depending on the desired beard density and the size of the application area. Generally, satisfaction is provided in a single session, but rarely a second session is required.
  • After the beard transplant, the transplanted areas should not come into contact with any object.
  • Water should not touch the treatment area for the first 5 days.
  • In order to prevent any infection in the channels opened for the procedure, it should not be entered into dusty, airless and crowded environments.
  • It should not be shaved before 15 days.
  • Lotions and medicines recommended by the doctor should be used.

  • Swelling and redness are expected in the first five days.
  • From the 3rd day, crusting begins on the skin and subsequently crusts are shed.
  • Most of the transplanted hairs are shed after the 4th week and come out again after 4-6 months.
  • From the 6th month, the appearance of completely natural and bushy beards begins.
  • The process is permanent.

Beard transplantation is one of the topics that men research the most on the internet and the most commented on men's forums.
Due to the realistic comments and up-to-date analysis of its users, sites that serve as a guide on many issues are also one of the frequently searched sites for beard transplantation.

On virtual platforms, where those who want to have a beard transplant read the comments of men who have undergone the procedure, another most curious issue is the celebrities who have a beard transplant.

Although there is no exact information about which celebrity had a beard transplant, there are names such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Beckham, Jake Gylenhaal among the foreign celebrities who have increased the beard trend all over the world.

In our country, celebrities such as Haluk Bilginer, Halit Ergenç, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ attract attention with their beards and create a model for those who will have a beard transplant.

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