What is 6D Thread Lift (6D Rope Application)?
 6D Thread Lift, 6D rope application is a non-surgical medical treatment. Unlike other thread facelift types that have a 2-way linear effect, it creates a 6D lifting effect. The 6-direction bones on it provide a harmonious grip to the subcutaneous tissue. The double-sided 360º degree fishbone mechanism, which is both bottom-up and top-down, and has a stronger structure than other threads, also gives a more permanent and long-lasting result. Since the fixation part of the fishbones is inside the cannula, it does not damage the tissue placed under the skin.

Everything You Need To Know About 6D Thread Lift (6D Rope Application)

The price of the 6D Thread Lift varies according to the number of ropes to be used. The average price of 6D ip application is in the range of 3.000-20.000 TL.
If you have sagging and asymmetry on your face and neck, if you want to have a more raised and symmetrical eyebrow position, if you want to take precautions against age-related facial sagging, if you prefer non-surgical face lift for loss of form on your face, if you are not satisfied with your facial oval, the 6D Thread Lift application is for you. It may be the right treatment option. In addition, people over the age of 18, male or female, who have a good general health condition and have realistic expectations, may consider the 6D thread facelift application without surgery.
Facial suspension with 6D thread, which also benefits the skin to be firmer and healthier by stimulating subcutaneous collagen, starts with the application of local anesthetic cream. Then, 6D threads are placed in the subcutaneous tissue within the planning determined according to the deformation in your face. In order for the stringy thread to create an optimum level of stretching the skin, the tissue is pulled up and the suspension is made.
The 6D Thread Lift can be used in any area with a sagging face with a strong lifting effect. Apart from that, a more intense demand has been observed especially for the following applications;
  •  Almond eye
  •  Low eyelid removal
  •  Eyebrow suspension
  •  Nose suspension
  •  Jaw Line line specification
  •  Jowl sagging
With the effect of local anesthesia, no pain is felt during the procedure, a slight tension feeling is natural.
After applying the 6D Thread Lift, you can immediately switch to your social life. After the 6D Thread Lift procedure, the patient should not lie face down for a few days, or take an excessively cold or hot bath. Although the healing process is extremely comfortable, side effects such as bruising or redness recover within 1 week in people with sensitive skin structure.
As soon as the application is finished, you can observe the change created by the 6D Thread Lift. These stringy threads used in 6D Thread Lift dissolve within an average of 6 to 8 months and have a longer life since tissue retention is very strong compared to other thread facelift applications. Because of their soluble structure and biocompatible, they do not cause any allergic reaction. Although the duration of the 6D Thread Lift varies from person to person, it continues for an average of 2-3 years.

 Thanks to these advantages and the latest technology structure, 6D Thread Lift has recently become a trend suspension method.

Written on 22/10/2020


Last Update: 22/04/2021


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